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PaletteMaker a macro that makes palettes

An ods spreadsheet for LibreOffice Calc that create LibreOffice colour palettes.

Article mis en ligne le 25 août 2019
dernière modification le 26 août 2019

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PaletteMaker is a macro that helps you managing colour palettes for LibreOffice.

Logo de PaletteMakerOne of the various qualities of LibreOffice is that you can add your own colour palette to the soft. This macro helps you. It makes and stores them in your LibreOffice profile. Managing colour palettes has never been that easy.

Developed by Jean-François Nifenecker, it is easy to use and exists in French and in English. Feel free to translate it in other languages, the files has been made in this purpose.

PaletteMaker (PM) comes with a dedicated toolbar. If this toolbar doesn’t appear, make sure to check the Display > Toolbars > PaletteMaker menu.

With PM you can :

  • create personal color palettes (.soc files), optionally saving a palette to the LibO user’s profile
  • edit existing palettes
  • ake a snapshot of your palettes and document them, which is useful to document your designs

For ease of use, PM can call a color picker, calculates the RGB, CMY and CMYK values for a given colour.

The colours may be reordered for a better organization. You also may add comments to the palette itself or to any of the colours.

Just enjoy.